TAHSINKO® (Trademark™ registered Lift Company in Bangladesh) provides our valued partners with an enriched set of opportunities for collaboration and innovation for now and for in the upcoming future.

Where we stand on quality and durability?

TAHSINKO uses the best class items to maintain quality and international standard. TAHSINKO believe that Appropriate Installation of lift and its Maintenance is very important. Improper installation may damage good quality lift. TAHSINKO has highly skilled engineers and technicians for installation, service and maintenance of lifts and the workforce follow strict health and safety regulations.

Why we use our Brand name instead of Manufacturer Brand?

If we go to analyze the history of changing sole agency then we shall find that every year one or more sole agency being changed. In majority of cases, a brand manufacturing company owns the brand 100% and the manufacturing company always keep their sole agents under continuous pressure to boos up sales and if any agent fails to reach the sales target the brand manufacturing company be serious to cancel the sole agency agreement and give the same to else in search of more sales. While any sole agent is changed, the lift users (who bought lifts from the earlier agents) have to go though acute sufferings and even they have to buy the spare parts at higher prices subsequently. In order to give a relief to the customers from being fallen in to such untoward crisis, we have been supplying our own brand lift. We are never ever going to lose our brand product, InshaAllah as it our own creation with high quality product and after sales service 7/24 hours & so none of our valued buyer is going to be in trouble, which normally emerges while a Sole Agent loses his agency.

How a prospective buyer can be benefited from TAHSINKO®?

 The TAHSINKO® brand and & the belonging company has the strength to nourish relationships in-between the company & valued customer. The company owns TAHSINKO® brand cent percent since inception like a kid begets to a particular parents, who know better how to bring up the kid. Every parent knows better which food at what stage is better, which dress / outfit suits better, which educational institution will be better to render better career. TAHSINKO® brand is very similar to the company like a kid to its parent! TAHSINKO® brand gives its highest priority to the quality product, perfect installation and quality & prompt after sales service with highly experienced technical team stand by 7/24 hours

Does TAHSINKO® produces all the lift components themselves?

TAHSINKO® does not produce all the lift components, but it always maintain quality product produced by outsourcing manufacturing with very similar to world reputed brands product and quality. TAHSINKO® always gives priority to the freeness of the lift users in choosing the quality products out of a wide variety. 

Lift quality based on what factors?

Quality of lift totally depend quality product, perfect installation and proper maintenance. So, one buyer must look for total capacity of the lift seller if they are consistent with all these 3 factors and then decide to buy and only then there will be less scope to make a wrong decision.

What is TAHSINKO® registered number?

TAHSINKO® Registered Trademark Number is: 189412/2015. TAHSINKO® - One Of The Best Lift Company In Bangladesh | Elevator Company in Bangladesh.

Is TAHSINKO® a brand or clone lift?

TAHSINKO® is having legal protection by registered trademark first ever in Bangladesh in elevator industry & so it is definitely at brand, which always carries an optimum quality to gain the customers satisfaction in terms of product and service together .

What is Contract Manufacturing?

contract manufacturer ("CM") is a manufacturer that contracts with a firm for components or products (in which case it is a turnkey supplier). It is a form of outsourcing. A contract manufacturer performing packaging operations is called contract packager. Brand name companies focus on product innovation, design and sales, while the manufacturing takes place in independent factories (the turnkey suppliers).  Typically Contract Manufacturer hiring firm will request quotes from multiple CMs. After the bidding process is complete, the hiring firm will select a source, and then, for the agreed-upon price, the CM acts as the hiring firm's factory, producing and shipping units of the design on behalf of the hiring firm.

What is Clone?

The English word CLONE is generally means the identical existence of any life or its cells. An organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical is the process called CLONE.

What is Brand?

A brand is an identifying symbol, mark, logo, name word, and/or sentence that companies use to distinguish their product or service from others. A combination of one or more of those elements can be utilized to create a brand identity. Legal protection given to a brand name is called a trademark. Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising for recognition and importantly to create and store value & acceptability of the product or service to the customer. The English word BRAND, which simply denotes the meaning “A mark, Symbol, Earmark, Engraving etc” It is simply can be defined as a name of the company or product or service vide a symbolic logo of a company or product. It may be for both good & bad company or product. If a company can earn customers satisfaction with product or service with a brand name then it is good and reliable brand & vice versa if cannot or cannot hold customers satisfaction with the brand quality of service then that is considered bad brand

We work with which brands?

Right now we have been working with 2 prominent & established brands as to meet the variety of demand of variety class customers. One is from Greece with brand name Doppler and other one is manufacturing in China with brand name TAHSINKO® . TAHSINKO® - One Of The Best Lift Company In Bangladesh | Elevator Company in Bangladesh.

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