While you give / register call to landing push button to go up, lift cabin comes at your standing floor and then you get into the lift cabin and then you push on the button of your desired floor and immediately the lift stats to run and the lift goes up and upper! And it gets stopped exactly at your desired (for example 12tth floor). But, in fact did you ever think how all these happen?? And why lift did not get stopped at any other floor rather stopped at your standing or desired floor? Today I will be trying how lift’s button work actually.

There are lift cabin in one side and counter weight to other side (It may be to back of the cabin or any side of the cabin as the lift shaft allows) and the lift cabin is hung with counter weight by 4 or more steel made wires as per capacity of the lift and it is driven to up or down ward by a motor. Motor is controlled by an inverter (Inverter works to make variation of voltage and frequency of electricity) and the inverter is controlled by microprocessor controller (Integrated circuit semiconductor chip that performs the bulk of the processing and controls the parts of a systems).


While you push any button being at any floor to go to other floor, the controller receives your call and executes the call through inverter & sensor by guiding the motor and this way send the lift cabin to you. Here I would like to mention specifically that Bi-stable, Mono-stable, Magnetic sensors control the movement of the lift cabin.

At every floor (except main and top floors) there are landing push button having indication (symbol) UP and DOWN. If you desire to go up then you press on UP button and vice versa if wish to go down then press on DOWN button. For example, you are standing on 7th floor and pressed on the DOWN button, but lift did not stop at your floor rather went direct to 10th floor and while the lift was getting down it stopped at your floor. If means someone pushed on button at 10th floor before the lift reaches at 7th floor and as your call was registered for down floor, so the intelligent lift did not kill time stopping at 7th floor rather it stopped at 7th floor while the lift was getting down all through. Isn’t it funny! As if lift has common sense like human being has!


It was about how to call a lift. Let’s move & get inside the lift cabin! After getting inside the lift cabin you can see landing door and lift cabin door get closed together. But have you ever imagined how lift can get sense that you already got in to the lift cabin? Fact is that there is sensor on the edge of the lift cabin door, which can take sense if someone is standing in between lift cabin doors.


To conclude, I must say lift is one of the time demanding transports, especially for the high-rise building. There have been so many persons, who are used to press on lift button repeatedly thinking if the lift comes faster. But in fact, it happens just for the lack of knowledge or ignorance about the functionality of the lift. The lift works as per those commands which we feed, like a computer does. Unless a command is executed another command cannot be executed by the lift. So, please after pressing on your desired button, keep patience and let the passengers get out of the cabin and then you get in to the lift cabin gently avoiding any rush movement.


Thank you!