Some important aspects before buying an elevator

There has been remarkable revolution in elevator technology. It can be easier in making decision to buy elevator if you hold some aspects in your mind and you should know when you decided to buy elevator in Bangladesh

Lift Cabin:

In general, majority of the mass people thinks / consider the cabin as the Elevator, so the cabin look / design should be suitable to the building design as if both resembles to each other somehow or to some extend, cabin purposefully fabricated for commercial or apartment building definitely should be made of stainless steel, because it become long lasting. Though the cabin does not play any vital or important roll in good performance of the elevator but yet it’s design / look is important to draw attention of the users / buyers.

Traction Motor:

Traction Motor plays the vital roll in moving the elevator, it works as per command coming from the invertet. Motor must be a quality one, so you must not forget to get to know the motor brand, model, capacity (KW), which will help you out in taking right decision.

Microprocessor Controller:

Every parts of elevator is important, but out of all controller plays the most vital roll, it controlls movement of cabin, motor, stopping, running etc., so a quality controller ensures smooth operation of the elevator & can render long lasting service. You must get to know the origin & brand of the controller & if it is easily available in the market, it is also important to know if adequate experienced technical person on this arena is easily available, otherwise your lift maintenance cost may be expensive one.

Door Operator:

The device, which works to open or close the door is called door operator. This device plays roll like motor & controller does, so you must get to know the origin & brand and have a physical visit to witness the performance before you confirm the order.

Project Visit:

Please visit at least 3 running projects of the similar lift of the lift company you are going to buy from and then take the buying decision.

Office Visit:

Please don’t forget to visit office of lift company to check if they are capable enough with adequate & experienced technical persons, otherwise you may have to suffer after you place order. Last but not the least, be sure about the warranty issues, incorporate all the major information about lift in the agreement you are going to sign. Please be sure about the after sales service & related issues before you buy lift from any dealer or retailer. Besides, please try to buy lift from authorized dealer or reliable source.

Thank you!